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 Actions speak louder than works, Some have said. Here in the Alliance Network we don't just offer you to join we'll act upon what we give. Start out as just another soldier, but advance in rank and provide trust with your fellow brothers and sisters and you may one day become a leader. The Alliance Network provides every edge of advanced training there is to offer. Our brightest military minds to control the battlefield, and the tactical training for our infantry to provide the correct correspondence. Join us today and make some memories with some of the most skilled people the gaming universe has to offer. Become apart of the history that protest the rights of all gamer's freedoms.    
Recruiter List:
-ALNT Venom (Battlefield 4 Recruiter)
-ALNT Taylor (Battlefield 4 Recruiter)
-ALNT Daybrake (GTA V Recruiter)
-ALNT Phelps (GTA V Recruiter)
-ALNT Vanguard (GTA V Recruiter)
-ALNT Anarchy (Halo Recruiter)
-ALNT Adama (Halo Recruiter)

Life offers choices, some of them are never easy, and some are. One day may come where you might half to kill off 1000 people over here so that a city may stand of there or your enemy may give you the choice to ether chose between your loved one or the 5 people who have the ability to cure a dangerous virus that may put millions at risk of losing everything they have (That includes there life). Are you ready to make that choice, Some may say no others yes. The real answer is, Who is really ready for a choice like that. Death may be everywhere but taking a life and knowing that you had to make that choice is more than a state of ready-ness, its not an answer is followed with one more question, Can you take a life knowing the consequence? that is your answer 
~Sulivian Sheperd
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